About Us

I started this business in 2013 because I love animals, especially dogs. The more I work with them, the more I fall in love with them. I'm especially passionate about dogs who help their owners live fuller, safer, and more complete lives. And I never expected that this passion would lead me to this place, but it has.

At Industrial Puppy, we're passionate about one thing – manufacturing and providing top-of-the-line gear for your Working Dog. We produce the best kit possible to help your working dog perform at their best, so you can be at your best. Your working dog is your best friend, your confidant, and for some, your protector. So, we're proud that you'd choose our products to help your best friend be at their best.

Furthermore, I'd like to welcome you to our community. When you purchase our products, you're helping working dog organizations nationwide. We're proud to partner with leading Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and Training Organizations throughout the United States.
If you're a working dog organization in the United States and a harness donation would be beneficial, please reach out to us.

Lastly, thank you. We love your emails and phone calls, where we learn more about your stories. Please keep the feedback coming because it helps us make our products and our services the best.

Best wishes,

Lisa Harrington
President, Industrial Puppy
Boston, MA