The Canine Care Crew

About The Canine Care Crew

The Canine Care Crew is an exclusive group of product testers who help us in our mission to identify the best and healthiest products available! 

Members of the Crew help by providing feedback. Our goal is to get the best products into the hands of our testers to receive feedback and help refine our list of professional pet items! 

How Does It Work?

When we find a great products that we want to share and get feedback on, we send invites out to our members and offer 100% reimbursements for the price of the product. 

Our Members

Our members come from across the United States, and help us get a full picture on the safest, healthiest, and most fun products for your dog! They are an invaluable part of our product development and product launch process. It's extremely important to us that we're only offering the best products available so by collecting feedback from members of the Crew we're able to ensure we're selling the best products available. 


How to Apply

To apply to join the Canine Care Crew, please send an email with you and your dog's names to, along with their breed and why you'd be a great member of the Crew.