Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Dog Tags & Leash Bundle

Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Dog Tags & Leash Bundle

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Designed for Emotional Support dogs, these striking Emotional Support Dog Tags and Emotional Support Leash show the entire world that your pet is a true support animal. 

Command Respect and Recognition Wherever You and Your Emotional Support Dog Go


Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Dog Leash with Neoprene Handle and Reflective Silk-Screen Print in Red

Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Dog Tag, 2 Pack: Metal Pet ID Tags for Service Animals, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs, 1/1.25 Inch Diameter, Double Sided, Navy Lettering and Red Enamel Trim

Leashes come in 3 colors:
 Red, Black or Pink
Dog Tags come in 2 sizes: Small (1 inch diameter) and Medium (1.25 inch diameter)

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Leash with Neoprene Handle and Reflective EMOTIONAL SUPPORT 
Lettering is constructed from high-quality, weatherproof materials designed to withstand everyday use and ensure safety for you and your service dog. This durable leash provides a second method of control and identification and makes a perfect accessory for service dog vests or a service dog harness of any style. 

Unlike Ordinary Service Animal Tags, Your Industrial Puppy Pet IDs Offer:

 Stronger, sturdier metal that resists corrosion and breakage
 Lustrous polished finish that catches the light (and the eye)
 Chic, attractive look that stands out in any setting
 Debossed (indented) lettering, resistant to wear and tear
 Rich enamel colors that won't fade or wear away
 Shimmery crimson edging around the outer rim
 Double-sided design – same messaging on both sides

It All Adds Up to Visibility

Everyone will see at a glance that your dog is trained and certified. Perfect for warmer weather, when a hot, heavy vest or harness might be too much for your pooch.

Even the Clasps Are Superior

Each Industrial Puppy pet tag comes with a sturdy "lobster-claw" carabiner, made of super-strong stainless steel for rust-proof durability. Attaches securely and swivels freely (so it won't annoy or irritate your dog).

From a Respected USA Firm that Specializes in Service Dog Supplies